A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Living in the Passionate Ease

of a Soul Guided Life.

Spirituality is the process of separating the superficial from the essential

Dr. Lawrence Conlan  is delighted to offer Passionate Ease Retreats, Transformational Coaching- Mentoring, and Body Transformation Programs,  to help you contact and fulfill your soul's purpose while manifesting the life your soul came here to live.

"I bring incredible passion and a rich lifetime of skills for the Awakening of each of us to the immense feeling of being cherished through and through by the DIVINE,; and then THAT leading to our sense of self as Truth. 


I also bring great compassion for myself and for you; along with the skill, to support our meeting those NO's to the Awakening, thus metabolizing our fears at the alchemical edges on the path of this Sacred Journey.


" I help you find, and hold, and be held at the core sense of  Separation, Aloneness, Mistrust, Loss of Innocence,; and all the other compensating structures, (Addictions to work, family, substance, food, Addictions to staying tired, drama, comfort, etc.), to try to soothe feeling separate from the Divine Embrace.  I can offer kind support because I deal with these too; and have found how the delicate balance of great kindness, patience, stepwise surrender, and loving discipline helps the ego collaborate more and more with the Awakening process.


“I also bring a human vulnerable heart that is forever being broken open to my limits and by the humanness of myself and you, my colleagues. I may and often do, cry at retreats and in coaching sessions.  I am also scared that I am not yet enough to serve you to the level my passion wants and that you deserve.   Yet, I bring courage (or foolishness - we will see), to go for it anyway, not knowing how it all works out, but always amazed how it does...every time and better than the last."

If you are interested in our retreats, but just "putting your toe in", a good way to get a sense of what is offered through more direct experience is to schedule a Zoom session called Transformational Coaching.  Fees are on a sliding scale; or schedule a Free Consultation.

All of our programs support the unfoldment of your highest aspirations.  Together or separately, each supports a new image of yourself and life.  These approaches are also very grounded in helping you to meet, and lovingly unwrap, the reflexive anchors in your body/mind that have kept you in a defended sense of self.  


Lawrence helps guide people into the physical anchors of the darkest NO to life and love; and masterfully helps them say YES with body, breath and soul. The Retreats are a mind/body transformation journey into repatterning the reflex brain to kindle and align with our deepest desires to awaken to the truth and beauty of who we really are..


You are given life long tools you will treasure more and more as you use them.  Your relation with yourself will deepen in ways your humaness has been yearning for.  The growing relation inside will be mirrored as greater and greater enrichment of your world outside.


Our retreats are a selection of high-quality, body-mind, soul guided, life enriching, experiences that repattern at the survival brain reflexes,; and thus stick with you . Passionate Ease Retreats are expertly crafted, sensitively guided and deeply transformative programs.  Prepare to meet oneself, access the now, receive generous gifts of the universe, and dwell in true self love and acceptance. Passionate Ease Retreats are available to you regularly at carefully selected locations across the country.  


"The results of Dr. Conlan's Retreats are nothing short of miraculous healing, transformation, and awakening to an intimate relationship with self,, others,, and the Divine." C. R. Annapolis, MD


The retreats  are limited to 16 people over a 2.5 day weekend so we can go very deep. The remainder of the programs are offered in the convenience of your home and lifestyle. (See :Other Services")


Our Other Services

The retreats help you find yourself at a deeper level, and changes your relationship to stress and to your humanness.   Fnding yourself and feeling resourced enough to take the responsibility for your happiness off the world is the starting point of a full life.  Life then becomes more about Creating yourself.. The services below support all the above with more focus on recreating yourself

Thus, we are  excited to offer transformational coaching/mentoring through video skype calls, bringing one-on-one support directly to your home.  In addition, we offer guided, well balanced cleanses to support your physical and spiritual transformation. 

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