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Passionate Ease Retreats

weekend retreat

part two

Weekend Retreat Part Two is a nine hour integration practicum of self navigation with a deep engagement in any type of chosen relationship.  

For example, we may mock up any relationship you choose, Parent - Child,  Teacher - Student,  Facilitator - Client, Husband - Wife etc.

Part two is a deep immersion into loving kindness.   A flavor of presence, accompanied with gentle awareness, which until now has been disowned.  Such depth and potency may unwind the oldest, most difficult recurring patterns held in our body - mind,  far beyond their usefulness.



The momentum of the retreat will afford the participant to remain in the centered place of Being while engaging or serving other.  I’ve served on the Network teaching staff since 1989, often working hands-on with groups, helping them find the flow within, which informs any relationship or technique. Through this and other backgrounds, we are able to set up situations that mock-up your particular way of serving in this world, or the issues you are healing, and coach you through parts when you become unconscious. The coaching will anchor a deeper way of remaining in your most resourced place within, as well as offer more resource to other as a result. All relations benefit, especially the one with your self.

Areas of success

  • Healing deep wounds and limitations in your Body-Mind.

  • Freeing greater intuition in your life and service to others.

  • Feeling more alive and energized at the end of each day.

  • Accelerating integration of the Awakened State into your activities of life.. 


  • Imagine how it feels to rest in your inner joy, passion and intuition while serving other. 

  • Imagine how it would feel in every moment, and how being in the zone could be called upon more consistently.  

  • Imagine how you would feel each such day.

  • Imagine how that would accelerate your own awakening.




“Part 2 of Lawrence's retreat is the ultimate in "soaking" into my being and integrating all the parts that were touched in part 1.  Bearing witness  to  the authentic and intimate  process or "journey"  of the person in the "love seat", helped to identify in myself, those layers that were waiting for some kindness, which helped to open me up to a level I didn't know was possible.  I am forever grateful to Lawrence for offering part 2 with his attention to all the nuances that occur during this day and drawing awareness towards that; a beautiful weaving of all the journeys were wrapped up into a lovely gift for all of us to take home.  What a gift, thank you Lawrence” .   Karen Chonzena  Snohomish, WA  




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