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I have spent many years cultivating an inner vision that perceives how the energy moves through your spinal system and beyond,  I have seen how it gets stuck, and how it wakes us up to clear communication between our Soul and the Divinity all around us when addressed with the utmost tenderness and subtle/delicate awareness. 


In the Passionate Ease Retreats and the Transformational Coaching sessions, I use this vision to gently guide your awareness into a deep and most kind embrace of where the survival reflexes have shut down/disowned/or denied this sacred edge of transformation. The results are always inclusive of greater depth and enrichment of your journey.  


Perhaps you know all too well of where your Soul calls for a change but something keeps aborting the fulfillment of that inspiration.  How often do we just not do what we know needs to be done?  How many New Year's resolutions get dropped?  We are run by our innocent survival reflexes embedded in our Autonomic Nervous System's structures at an early age.  This can be re-patterned but will only last if done with utmost delicacy and loving-kindness because the main pattern that keeps us stuck is a felt sense that we are smaller than we actually are.  Overcompensation for this will not work at the deepest levels of our Being. Only the Deep, Loving Kindness of Compassionate Presence from our Self can set us free.


My life has been a most challenging journey.  However,  along with it has been a Grace of great teachers and an indescribable fire of passion to grow and learn true love.  As a result, I am a good guide and space holder for anyone willing to learn self-love; and especially right into those parts of your body that are the physical anchors to a defended sense of self.


The Transformational Coaching sessions are much like a Part-2 during the retreat, where I guide you through the difficult issues of your life that keep repeating themselves.  However, I do this on a video conference call so I can observe the subtle energy patterns and guide you through them in tenderness.


The video is recorded for future reference by only you, if you wish.  Many have used the recording as a guided meditation practice for the days and weeks following the session.  Many have used these sessions as an ongoing mentorship where we meet at regular intervals.  Others have used these sessions as follow-up to the retreats or prep for them, or both. As a result of the Transformational Coaching, you will have a clearer, Soul guided life.  You will know greater freedom of choice where reflexes have kept you not able to have your Soul's guidance come into reality.  Your life will unfold more fully a way that satisfies you at the deepest levels of your Being.

costs:  sliding scale

It is a sliding scale recommendation for Lawrence.  The other practitioners may have a different fee structure.   While it is common to charge $200-$300 for a 90-minute session,  we wanted to make this available to anyone willing to do the work.  Thus it is on a sliding scale basis of $1-$3 per minute,  You will receive an invoice after you complete your session.



what others have to say

I am a Psychotherapist who has been diligently doing effective self growth work for over 25 years, including a great deal of quality Psychotherapy and a considerable amount of meditation. I have now been working regularly with Lawrence for almost 5 months. The results is subtle, profound, definite and in my opinion, miraculous. I find the work kind, compassionate, non-dual, (ie nothing excluded) gentle, deeply innately sane, loving, human, and humane. 

It is resulting in me opening to myself and life to a whole new level. What I most want is to be accepted just as I am, and then have this relationship with life. By doing the practices regularly under Lawrence's loving tutelage this is being gradually cultivated inside me a most beautiful way.  I am slowly, progressively moving towards being able to live as is spoken of in the Tao Te Ching. Still a very long way to go yet the journey is sweet, honest, vulnerable and spectacular. I believe this to be the most powerful transformational work I have experienced.. In one word, "Brilliant". I have deep gratitude.  Gautama Katzman, Albuquerque NM


"Those of us on a spiritual path know that things can get stirred up - the experience of a "kinks" in our being that are really difficult to get at.  Well, if you have the time, you can go on a week long retreat and take the time to give it what it needs.  Or you can do it in an hour with Lawrence in one of his transformational coaching sessions.  He has an amazing ability to see where in your body you are holding patterns of disconnection or old stories that no longer serve you.  In my case it was deep ancestral grief whose time to be felt has come.  Through gentle posture/breath guidance, I was able to find it and with the support of his presence, to kindly hold it in my awareness and really feel it.  What a gift!"   Asa Ben Hur PhD Ft. Collins, CO


"The video call is nice for times when I am out of the habit or skating on the surface of experiences.  Having the support to sink more deeply into experiences seems to remind my nervous system and inspires me to deeper levels of awareness in my sitting practice. I find that my discipline and baseline awareness effortlessly grow during increasingly intense moments of daily life. "   Dawn Kinsey- Seattle WA


"Lawrence's one on one coaching sessions have been a great way to help me integrate the practices he teaches. I've gotten a lot out of them. He is a kind, skilled listener and coach, and helps to connect these practices in everyday life to the body, and go toward all that arises to have a complete experience. And he's a great human being! Highly recommended."   Kathleen Luttrell , Boulder CO


"The work we did together has been very helpful. I'm able to hold dualities in a new way and I finding my self (selves) default into the into Yes! Welcome rather than

reacting to an old, unconscious defense/protector pattern, while holding the hurt and pleasant feelings in a place of safety where awareness is able to observe with ease and grace. Also,I'm not judging as much, I'm finding and receiving the gifts of the Judge."  Jeffrey Parham, D.C. Denver, CO


"As I was in a place of confusion and self doubt, I reached out for help from Lawrence. It was powerful to have him navigate the process on the screen in my home without having to fly to Colorado to be with him in person. His guidance really helped me to stay with myself. I could then attend to disconnected parts of me and guide my kind attention to stuck places in my body so that the life force could flow more freely. It took awhile to learn but now I feel blessed to have the technology to do this. "  Robin Maynard Dobbs- Seattle, WA


“The video conferencing session I had with Lawrence was amazing.  At the time, I thought we were just helping me breathe a bit, but the lasting benefit was that I could reframe the experience of my challenges throughout my life.  I was familiar with the idea that life is the best teacher, but Lawrence’s expertise and kindness helped me feel this in my body, that the “stress” in my life really could be experienced as an unwinding force, opening my body and consciousness to a stronger, more powerful me.  Lawrence didn’t change any external circumstances in my life, but I was able to do what I wanted to do, and move through my challenge with ease.”   Ed Prescott  Seattle WA



meet our coaches ...each of our coaches have extensive life experience, spiritual maturity, as well as training and experience working in the capacity of being transformational coaches.  In addition, they have all trained extensively with Dr Conlan and with the approach of Passionate Ease.


Christa Ray: Website

VMTR, MFA, is a registered Voice Movement Therapist, Somato-Respiratory (SRI) Wellness Coach, an energetic sound healer, and a cultural creative. She was Lawrence’s colleague in the clinic they shared for 10 years; and then as co-facilitator on many Passionate Ease advanced and weekend retreats over the past 8 years.  

Christa has been a pioneer in the field of psycho-spiritual transformation for the past 30 years  synthesizing creative arts, breathwork, vocal sound healing/voicework, and ancient spiritual practices in her private practice, weekend trainings and week long retreats. She embarked on a personal spiritual sabbatical from March 2017 until September 2018.


In the Silence and Stillness she has become more rooted in the depths of inner peace and from there has brought the light of her sacred heart into the darkest, most obscured levels of her personal and ancestral karma, ego structures and the collective wound carried in her system to emerge with more capacity to serve others on their path toward the One.

She brings a deep experiential understanding of the stages of the spiritual journey and of the transformational and healing process, and delights in holding a compassionate space that supports her clients in meeting the hidden parts of the self struggling to come into existence, integration and self-love. 

In humble appreciation for the commitment and devotion it takes to spiritually wake up in our humanity, she is honored to support others on the path of Passionate Ease toward the embodied manifestation of Love in Truth. 

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Durga Fuller:  Website

Spiritual practice has been consciously central in my life for 27 years. I have been profoundly blessed over these years to have sat with some of the finest teachers in the path of awakening, every one showing up at the perfect time for my unfoldment. The beauty and power of sitting in and moving with stillness made a deep and lasting impression on my being early on in this process through sitting silent retreats and offering service to the community of practitioners through cooking and managing at retreat centers around the world.


That practice was deepened when I met my now husband and we started a family. The path of the householder brought spirituality out of the monastery and into life in all its messy complexity. As one of my teachers, Adyashanti, would say, “this is where the rubber hits the road”. Birth, parenting, illness, aging, long term loving relationship, healing trauma – all these have grown in me a profound respect and love for the process of life itself as teacher.


Training in various spiritual, shamanic, psychological and physiological modalities along the way has brought solid contextual skills to the table, and have enabled me to be in service as a wellness and spiritual counselor over the last 12 years.


Lawrence has been my most recent teacher in expanding this skill-set, and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to be asked to serve our community in this way. The practices offered during the Passionate Ease retreats, and the personal training I have received from Lawrence have all contributed to a more direct, steady, and subtle understanding and experience of the flow of life and the healing that is possible in myself and others. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn and be of service.

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Jennifer Lovejoy: Website

is an Advanced Soma Structural Integration Practitioner in practice for 12 years. She specializes in Embodied Presencing, bridging the split between our thinking processes and our deep experience of living in the body. Jennifer is interested in exploring how we can integrate the parts of ourselves that have been isolated and disowned so each of us can live the in full expression of our own beauty. She has founded Lovejoy Embodiment, an organization that exists to support people awakening to their most essential nature.  Classical horsemanship, Soma Neuromuscular Integration, the Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Kundalini Yoga, Terrain of Essence, and Passionate Ease work all contribute to the blending of techniques that appear in her work. She has a BA in Human Ecology.


Lawrence Conlan:

I am just lucky to be included with these amazing beings above, (on this page too)