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about lawrence...."As the person facilitating the retreat, I bring 45 years of conscious inner work and how to bring the fruits of that into the outer life.  This journey has included being gifted by some long-term quality time with very high masters. Through much study as a professional and personal experiment,  I have integrated their gifts into personal revelations in the most challenging of life circumstances.  As a result, I have been helping thousands integrate their higher self into their survival reflexes at the primitive brain.


about lawrence

 The results are truly magical in how much more freedom, joy, unconditional love, soul passion, and ease   that have unfolded for people of every walk and level of trauma or enlightenment."

-45 years as a meditator and chiropractor (with emphasis on the flow of Kundalini based on inner seeing)

-25 years Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Physician, (with emphasis on the support needed for enlightenment)
-Yoga Instructor for 35 years, (with emphasis on the deconstruction of competition with the tight spots that are actually the physical    anchors to the defended sense of self- results being the poses are actually precise mudras into the structures waiting for unconditional  Presence/Kindness/ Love.
-30 years as a Meditation teacher and Kriya instructor, with emphasis on the weaving of surrender and focused attention along with breath  into the physical anchors in the survival brain to the defended sense of self. This included m
any years as a Teacher of Transcendental    Meditation offering service to the military as well as the public.

Lawrence Conlan received his chiropractor training at Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, Missouri.   He graduated a Doctor of Chiropractic with Honors in 1983.   He’s been practicing Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) since 1987 and a NSA instructor from 1989 to 2009.   Lawrence has led transformational retreats for thirty two years.  He’s cared for thousands of clients, by helping navigate client awareness through habitual inner and outer defense posturing, delivering them to new levels of freedom at all levels of life.  

Lawrence taught for twenty years along side NSA founder Dr. Donald Epstein, training both students and professionals.  He’s provided service for about fifty Transformational Gates, and has cared for individuals from all walks of life.   Adults, children and infants from continents across the world, with all kinds of inner and outer conditions, have benefited from his care.


“It is my passion to successfully support embodied awakenings of individuality to spirit, here and now, in this life, just as it is, with all its challenges joys, and sorrows.   My personal journey has been so beautifully supported by some significant guides and teachers: ~ 


 Dr. Donald Epstein  ~  NSA and SRI founder. Instructor.

 Shinzen Young  ~  The Science of Enlightenment through the Vipassana Mindfulness Tradition of Buddhism. Instructor.

 Neil Steven Cohen  ~  Psychospiritual Integrative Awakening. Instructor.

 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  ~ Transcendental Meditation. Instructor.

 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ~ Art of Living Foundation. Instructor.

 Swami Nirmalanada  ~  Svaroopa Yoga. Instructor.

 Paul Dennison  ~  Edu-Kinesthetics and Brain Gym. Instructor.

 Gurumayi Chidvilasanda  ~  Siddha Yoga. lived and worked in Gurudev Siddhapeeth in Ganeshpuri India. 

 Gangaji  ~  Shifting allegiance from activities of mind to the eternal presence of being.

 Peter Fenner  ~  Advanced Nondual Training.

 Dr. Krishna Raju  ~  Ayurvedic Medicine. Hyderabad, India

 Robert Fritz  ~  Path of Least Resistance.

 Byron Katie  ~  The Work.

 Hoffman Process.

 Wisdom of the Earth  ~  Medicinal Aromatherapy.

 I’ve had the privilege of working on some of these masters and others, as well as being trained in their techniques.


           "May we celebrate this incredible journey together as Great Spirit wearing an earth suit.  May we grow together in sacredness, touch the untouchable and live precisely that, more and more in our daily lives, blessing loved ones, communities, and our world.”   

                                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Lawrence Conlan


Currently, Lawrence is in private practice at Network Spinal Awakening located in Boulder, Colorado and leads Passionate Ease Retreats across the United States

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