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retreat preparation


Here is a Guided Shavasana to use anytime; but especially on rising or going to sleep, or before and/or after Yoga.  It is a powerful support for soothing and teaching (beyond words) the nervous system ...Click HERE to listen and upload to your devices


Please begin the 2 brief and easy meditations below until our Zoom session, after which you will have a practice given you at that session.  If you have not already scheduled, Please book HERE , or look under Transformational Coaching tab above for more information


Practice the Yes Welcome and Soak you learned on the previous retreat.  If you need to refresh then do the 2 meditations below and set up a Zoom Session to refresh the practice.  To book a Zoom click HERE  or visit the Transformational Coaching tab above for more details

MEDITATION- 26 min Guided- This is an important prep to practice at least once daily (2x recommended) from now until the retreat.

You may need to download dropbox to open this ( you will need dropbox also for the required Zoom session if this is your first retreat in over a year). Click link below:  



You may have never been able to meditate, or even strongly dislike meditation, but find you like this practice.

This practice, once you have done it a few times with the guided version above, is best done without extraneous input.  Just your own process.  It is totally part of the practice to "Zone Out".  Be gentle and allow your nervous system to take you where it does, even if that means falling asleep or being flooded with thoughts.  Just gently come back to the process above when you realize you have been on a seemingly different journey, ( which actually is part of the journey)



Please no sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs or chocolate for as many days prior to retreat as possible. Two weeks is the minimum for marijuana and Ayahuasca. but two days would be acceptable, (though not recommended), for the sugar, alcohol, and chocolate.


This is to reset some subtle biochemistry.  Again, no consciousness-altering substances to include marijuana or Ayahuasca for at least 2 weeks prior. This benefits your ability to more clearly work in the subtler aspects of meditation. Do what's necessary to be well-rested with extra hydration for 2 days prior to the retreat.

Lastly, if you have not worked with Lawrence in over a year, or this is your first retreat, it is required that you schedule a Transformational Coaching Session on Zoom.  Many have found it helpful to schedule one or more Transformational Coaching sessions with me prior to and following the retreat. The fee is on a sliding scale of $1-$3 per minute and last 90 minutes on average

Click HERE to learn more about Transformational Coaching and to schedule.

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