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Online Retreat Testimonials


  • 1.  "Wow. I just completed my 8th retreat with Lawrence.  This one was on Zoom and I found it to be one of the most powerful life-changing retreats thus far.  Of course, I missed being together physically and the amazing table time, but there were many parts of the ZOOM retreatthat I actually PREFER- being in my own home, filling the space with Divine Grace, feeling my body and spirit more deeply, not having to drive somewhere and pay for an AirBnb, no stress about food preparation...  I actually hope that Lawrence will offer the ZOOM retreat as a periodic option even after COVID19 is a distant memory.  I have always wanted to get to know the Boulder and Syracuse folks.  The online format would make this easier.


      There are no words to express my gratitude to Lawrence for the sacred container that Grace creates through him.  Even though                         thousands of miles away, he held our group and guided us all into ever deepening places in our being/bodies.  


      "If you are on the fence about the online retreat and wish to talk to someone about it, please email me at and we        can set up a time to talk."

       Polly Green xxox


  • 2.   "After experiencing 15 in-person retreats over the last 5 years,  I was hesitant about doing the retreat online and doubted it would yield the same results. Boy was I wrong! Not only did I experience profound transformation, incredible breakthroughs, especially the physical anchors being  met and opened, but now my home contains the structure and energy of the retreat. This is huge. Now giving myself meditation time, yoga time, self tending time has a physical space, a door to close, and everyone understands this important because I have made it so.  It's so much easier to stay on track when the groove is already in place at home!  Lawrence's attention felt even more ever-present and potent than the last in-person retreat I attended. As the retreat continues to unfold in the following week, I feel even more supported and held in my home by myself and my family."


       "Ya know, something else that I'm realizing was good for me about this format, Lawrence, is that I felt more able to be "just a participant",         I didn't have to be the best one, or make friends with everyone... ya know, that innocent reflex to secure my safety in the group. I could               just do my work for myself with less concern about how I may, or may not favorably effect others.  It may also just be cuz I'm literally f             further away from everyone too? not sure but phew, my heart keeps breaking achingly open again and again. "
        --Katie Todd (PLEASE feel free to call me for more details or questions 503-239-6041)
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  • 3.     "I had only attended one in person retreat with Lawrence before attending this most recent online retreat. Initially I was hesitant to attend an online retreat because I am not a fan of connecting via technology, and rely on in-person connections to fully experience these types of workshops. I was surprised to find many benefits of the online retreat.  I even found some elements to be more poignant than an in-person retreat. The ability to use my headphones while listening to Lawrence felt as though his voice, guidance and teachings were delivered and downloaded straight into my subconscious. The intimacy of hearing his voice in my ears spoke to me in a way that registered more deeply than when I am in a room full of people and tend to get distracted. 
            "I was also comforted by doing this work in my home environment. Initially I thought there would be too many distracti​ons being at home, however I found that the familiarity of my personal space while doing deep heartfelt work to be a soothing balm, and create a neuro-pathway in my system regarding the safety of presence in my home.  
          "I was also surprised at how easy it was to connect with the presence of others, and easily attuned to the thread of the Divine that holds us all even though we were physically so far apart. I sensed that perhaps due to the physical distance separating us, Lawrence‘s presence, attention, and attunement for us all, seemed even more heightened than in the in-person retreat that I attended prior.
         "Lawrence, I am amazed and forever grateful for the work that you have personally done and continue to do, and the dedication to the opening of your heart to the love of the divine so that you can be a channel of that for all of us."---Angela Severson, LMT lic#12698   1605 NE Broadway.  Portland, OR 97232.  Ph: 541.517.4757

  • 4.   "The online passionate ease retreat was by far the most powerful retreat that I have done in the ten years of doing retreats with Lawrence.  I was in so much resistance to doing this beautiful retreat online as I couldn’t fathom not having the In person experience.  I took away a sense of love and acceptance for myself grounded in more of the divine than ever before.  Having done the practices in my home has me taking this experience and working it into my life in a way that feels more grounded in reality, and I am looking forward to continuing the practices on my own at home.  I feel a greater depth in the teachings than I could have imagined.

        "I would have never guessed it would have been this powerful.  I’m secretly hoping the next retreat will be online. (I can’t believe I said               th t!)  I highly recommend you try it.  I’m happy to talk to you about my experience if you feel on the fence about signing up.  Please call           or text me at 425/750-7085.

        Thank you Lawrence.Deep Bow and Blessings, Karen Karen Chonzena, LMP

        ~ Energy Intuitive Certified Relationship Coach

  •  5.   "I have been regularly attending Passionate Ease retreats for the past 6 years and highly recommend the at home/online version of the retreat. It is equally as powerful as the retreats where the group is gathered in the same room, and in fact for me, there were some added benefits to having more space to myself.  I felt very connected to the group, but it was easier to focus on and be sweet to myself in this format. 
         " Being at home the whole time also was deeply integrative in terms of connecting the work we do in retreat into my home and my daily life."---Rebecca Harrison, Contemporary Alexander teacher, BA, LMT.  OR Lic#7604 503-240-3997


  • 6.  "I hope everyone gets to experience the deep integration with daily life of an at home Passionate Ease retreat. Since I work online each day now, I was not totally excited about the retreat being online, especially with the extra preparation of needing to get blankets and figure out how to setup the camera and chairs and have a dedicated retreat space.  I was a bit crabby about it all by the time we started.

       "After each day of the in person retreats I felt really tired.  After the online days, I had good energy.  I like having the energy of                             the retreat  linger in the space, and support the retreatmomentum. Lawrence's coaching, intuitive and energy skills were as impactful by         remote as in person to help me navigate my sensations and reveal deeper layers of my unconscious holding and avoidance. 

       "To be honest, without the table sessions, I took more responsibility for my own growth instead of expecting some of it to come from                 Lawrence. In the online format, I felt I had more space to do deeper work.  The community connection was sweet and just as strong.  I               really enjoyed connecting with people during the small breakout group times.  The online retreat is different, and still an outstanding               experience."   - Dawn Kinsey (10 year PE participant)

  • 7.  Hi Lawrence:  It’s been a week since the retreat and I wanted to offer you my experiences. Overall, the retreat was just such a gift.  Thank you so much for jumping into something so different with such courage, compassion and love.  On my end, four months without a retreat is about as long as I want to go, so it was special to be back in the energy.

         "Friday night was, to my surprise, similar to a table session.  The group sessions helped me move energies from below up into my heart.           My heart opened up a lot that evening.  And it hurt as well.  At some point in early childhood, when my heart hurt, it was unbearable, so           I must’ve shut it down.  On Friday and Saturday, I learned that now I can handle that pain, and accept it; and love it.

           "The one-on-one greeting sessions with others was a really sweet experience.  I was surprised by how effective it felt. It made me real                 that the power of those moments aren’t just predicated on being together in person.  It has more to do with personally being in a more             connected space; that’s where we are after a few hours into the retreat.

           "The letters to God were more powerful than ever for me.  It seems that we took more time with it this time, though I’m never fully sure              as retreat time is deep time and I don’t have the best sense of its passing.  In any case, I was able to go more thoroughly and deeply                   into spots than ever before.  When you gave us the example of switching the question in the middle of the inquiry, that helped a lot.  It             kept the flow moving into even deeper spots.

           "Ultimately, the only major difference from an in-person retreat came after lunch on Sunday.  As usual, I felt energetically geared up                 for something – though I never have clarity on what that ‘something’ is or will be.

           "I do hope you offer some retreats online in the future. 


         With gratitude,

         Paul S  International Attorney


  • 8.  "Since Lawrence was willing to try something new, I was open to it… and BOOM, Larry the Launcher strikes again! Lawrence’s subtle focused magic beamed through the internet - yes welcome soak. The opportunity to literally “stay home”… both inside myself AND inside my daily environment was next level. A gift of the shelter-in-place order has been several months of not “putting on Heather” and participating in the retreat during this time made the experience even richer. While I would not give up in-person gatherings, I do recommend exploring the Passionate Ease online retreat experience. Nothing says lovin' like a Lawrence muffin.... even if that muffin is served over Zoom. - Heather Bleasdell, Portland Retreat April 2020

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  • 9.  "I wasn't sure what to expect in the virtual retreat.  I wondered if it would feel as transformative       and impactful as it does in person? I wondered if Lawrence would be able to read our energy and see us clearly enough, through Zoom?
        "As we moved through the yoga poses I experienced Lawrence to be just as perceptive and connected with us as if in person. "I was surprised and delighted to notice that I actually felt more connected and intimate with everyone than I have during the live retreats!
        "On a practical note, it was great to be able to stay home and not have to get up super early to drive into town."For me, the retreat was very impactful, helpful and took me to another level of transformation. "             -----Linda Resca

        Linda Resca, M.S.
        Care Manager, Consultant, Speaker

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