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Shamanic Sound Healing

Somato Respiratory Integration with Christa Ray

Shamanic sound healing

Christa’s contribution lies in her ability to resonate with the life-force Kundalini and help a person meet the old energetic patterns blocking the free flow of life-force through her singing voice, energetic empathy and shamanic healing training. 

As part of the mindfulness navigation practice and during the community healing sessions on the retreat Christa assists by partnering with her sound healing allies and aligning with the Soul of the participant. The triangle communion of Spirit allies, Christa’s Heart and healing songs/sounds and the participant’s Soul creates a vibrational re-alignment process that activates the innate intelligence of the nervous system to help move blocked energy, dissolve historically held memories in the body, integrate disconnected and judged parts of self and harmonize body-mind with Soul. 

Many people experience profound awakening as they feel “seen” in their most vulnerable humanness and in their most radiant Soul countenance through the resonant frequencies of the medicine songs that come through Christa’s voice.   She also brings with her other powerful sound healing instruments, including Tibetan bowls, rattles, drum, bells. 


Somato Respiratory Integration

Christa has been practicing SRI since it was developed byDonald Epstein in the early 1990’s. Epstien developed SRI parallel to the continuous development of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), as a practice to help midwife the strategies birthed by NSA. Christa and Lawrence had a private practice together for 10 years. 

Through various breath rhythms, self-touch, focused awareness and energy, the practice of SRI helps the higher centers of the brain to create a larger context and perception around the changes in structure and behavior that NSA initiates. This leads to more somatic integrity, emotional integration and graceful, sustainable change in the nervous system.   On weekend retreats Christa is available during the healing sessions to help participants integrate the strong emotional material that can arise and guide them to meet the rhythms of healing that are presenting through SRI. On Passionate Ease Advanced 5 day retreats Christa teaches short classes on SRI. 

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