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network spinal Awakening

Network Spinal Awakening

The body and mind are unified, inherently compassionate, free, courageous and wise.  Before thinking mind encloses our true nature, we’re instinctually prepared to engage in life fully ~ fearlessly, deeply and intimately.  Over the past thirty years, my personal growth journey has lead me to experience who we can awaken to be.  Life full of moment to moment, compassionate, open ended creative experiences, while experiencing unconditional love toward our self ~ just as we are.  I’ve observed how intimately connected the spine is to our awareness, and how it plays a key role in our Awakening.  Also, how spinal challenges diminish as the very anchors to a defended sense of self, at the reflex brain level, simply melt away. 


At a most tender age, most humans establish unconscious defensive posturing at a reflex brain level, destined to become potently ingrained habits.  Alterations to spinal structure and spinal chord tone occurs ~ our primal reflexive and survival brain.  These changes create spinal tension and effect the subtle pathways moving through it.  It creates a sense of separation from our primal confidence, connection to life, and trust in grace holding us.  A defended posture creates a defended sense of self, and places stress on our physiology.  Physical anchors, or hard wiring, filter our perception of self in the world ~ a result of ingrained survival reflexes.   Our nervous system is run in the background, it creates a story of me by saying … “ I am separate and alone.”   Separate from what?   From unconditional, eternal, divine source of freedom, joy, peace, love passion and compassion.  Separate from our self, other and life.  Generally, we can consciously try and change our posture.  But, spinal distortion pockets remain in tact, no matter what.  For example, the new year resolution which fails because of unstoppable habits.  Consider all the good intension repeatedly blocked from manifestation in our lives!


With Network Spinal Awakening applications our powerful survival reflexes or spinal anchors may be upgraded with a nonverbal, gentle approach.  We help access, then share highly resourced states, to places which have been running you.  Whether you consciously seek your truth, or wether you arrive unconsciously, the reflexive hardwired parts of your system are supported, not left alone on your journey.  The spinal system, primitive or survival reflex part of the brain, spinal chord and brain stem are all included.


What we do…

We help you release old spinal patterns which keep you being fully engaged in the most important areas of your life.

We help you open up and reveal how you see yourself in the world.

We help you uncover the realization of your purpose in life.

We help you free up energy to find freedom and inner peace.

We help you increase intimacy in life, and discover it in a body sense of self.


The closest most humans come to experience who we are, is when we fall in love.  Yet, we yearn deeply to remain in this state all the time.  When the spinal system is free from reactive defense patterns, at an unconscious level, we naturally relax into aliveness, compassion, passion, and ever deepening reverence for all.  Its our destiny to fall in love naturally, spontaneously, moment to moment, each and everyday. 

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