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Passionate Ease Retreats

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 Each moment of perception has the potential to be experienced as a moment of pure perception - experience not yet mediated through discursive thought and conceptual process. These moments are not yet conditioned by hope and fear, by our opinions, desires and beliefs.  This immediate awareness of pure perception is without choice, without demand, without anxiety.  Moments of pure perception are experiences of beauty expressed through specific details.    If you’re in any type of service to others, or simply helping, this brings out the truth of other. Through such perception alone, our clients, friends, and loved ones, blossom.  It all begins with moments of pure perception with whatever is happening in the moment … including and allowing whatever is happening with our selves and our surroundings.



The moment is deepened by noticing the details that call to us - any taste, any sight, any sound, any sensation, whether physical or emotional.  These moments are portals to the truth behind all forms and experiences.  We get in touch with the true beauty within ourselves and cannot help but recognize THAT in others.   Its the call of the awakened.  Its the recognition and embodiment of the ultimate healer within us all.


By truly opening to these details, we can clearly listen to the response of our heart.  We discover our commitment.  Unconditional joy and freedom dawns in more moments while permeating our work, our relations, and our immediate and global environments.   Not only is our heart the source of our direction in life, its the source of our confidence.  Its the source of guidance that always unfolds the best and most aliveness in any situation, and in our service to others.  Soul Passion guides your days, your moments, your Life!



This retreat will help you experience pure perception, and have that meet parts of you which have been anchored in conditioned responses.  The softening and deep opening that occurs is immensely regenerative to you, it opens doors to repeat the process on your own, in more situations where you were previously unable. Because this retreat is a direct experience of personal navigation of consciousness into Presence while engaging with Other, its very helpful in bringing your awakening into your active life, and your unique way of unfolding your service to others.  The gifts from the retreat will have a permanent effect on the way you meet yourself and others every day.  You’ll find the ability to access the Now, with all its immense gifts of unconditioned mind and true love  ~  greatly enhanced..


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